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April 14, 2016

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A Switch In Tanneries – Museum Calf Now Used

As a shoe brand owner you are (or at least should be) trying to make your shoes better and better. There are generally about 4 main ways in which you can do that: 1. Leather used; 2. Last shapes and thus fit; 3. Construction techniques and 4. small details like fiddleback waists, handsewn aprons, addition of toe taps etc. But being that most shoes are made of leather, that is really the top priority as you really can’t fake bad leather nor leather with faults in it. That being, I was frustrated with a certain leather that I used to […]

March 4, 2016

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The Clean Wholecut

I always knew that I needed a wholecut in my collections of shoes. It is a standard model and stupid not to really have one. But as the defiant person that I am, I purposefully made a way to have my wholecut be different and thus made the Tony model with it’s bouncy-ball wing cap brogueing. However, some people just don’t fancy that and have since requested making just a plain, normal and clean wholecut. And voila this is what you get. Of course. I still like a very plain wholecut only that my defiance came in trying to separate […]

August 11, 2015

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J.FitzPatrick Summer Shoe Sale — Final Markdown

  It is officially the second half of our Summer Sale and with that we decided to make a few adjustments, not only to the prices but with the addition of one product in particular: The Dandy Shoe Care x J.FitzPatrick Collaboration. That being, all sales shoes that were previously £175 are now down to £150 (ex VAT £125) and shoes that were previously £225 are now down to £175 (ex VAT £14.83). This a great time to acquire a J.FitzPatrick pair of shoes at an unbeatable price and thus great value for money. There are still a lot of […]

May 29, 2015

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The Shoe Snob Trunk Shows NYC & Sweden – June/July

Each year, I hope to slowly but surely expand my brand and in doing so attempt to go to some of my favorites places for trunk shows, as well as expand to new markets if and when I can. While there is nothing new for these trips in terms of locations (country wise but am going to Gothenburg as well this time), what has happened since I was in both places is that I have expanded greatly not only in my product offering, but will also be ready to start taking proper MTO orders. As you can see I have […]

September 15, 2014

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Latest Dandy Shoe Care Patina’s for J.FitzPatrick

Dear Readers, It’s probably been the busiest 6 weeks of my life and I am quite glad to say that it is now all over and I can finally have a bit of peace and quite before the holiday season. I just came back from Milan yesterday after attending the Lineapelle fair and am proud to say that it was a great trip full of productivity and new personal relationships developed. I have found some exciting materials to work with for future shoe models and am working on developing a relationship with Italy’s most famous tannery, Ilcea. I am quite […]