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June 22, 2017

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The NGT Last

Dear All, We have 7 last shapes at J.F Footwear and wanted to start doing some blog posts about each of them. (LPB, TMG, MGF, SEA, NGT, NJF & JKF) Today we look at the NGT last. Our NGT last was designed to be the midway point between our TMG and JKF lasts ( to come in next posts). It’s intention was to serve as a last that was neither too round nor too pointy. We felt that this creation posed as the ideal ‘modern round’ last. The toe shape is not the only detail that separates our NGT last […]

June 19, 2017

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A few Recent MTO examples

Dear All, Hope you had a great weekend! We are really enjoying seeing some of the creations our clients are making in their MTO purchases. Some rather bold (like above) and then some a bit more classic but all have their own unique characteristics. Since launching the MTO programme we have seen some really cool models come through which is what we like to see as it always keeps us on our toes to ensure we are designing new things here for our ready to wear stock. If you are thinking about MTO, I would suggest looking at our MTO […]

May 26, 2017

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The Roosevelt- Two Tones for Summer

Dear All, It’s the time of year when you can add a bit of boldness and colour to your daily outfit. What better way than to wear a two tone oxford to set you apart from the crowd. We decided to discontinue our older two tone model (the Rainier) and to release our new version The Roosevelt and we are really pleased with the outcome. We have 3 colourways for SS17 and all have their own characteristics that will work with specific attires. My personal favourite is the Burgundy/Blue Suede as I love this colour combination in general and this […]

December 12, 2016

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The Genesee- A Jodphur Boot with a twist

  Dear All, Hope everyone is enjoying the festive period and more importantly enjoying Boot season. The change of seeing more and more boots around town is always interesting at this time of year. There are plenty of the usual chunky, misshaped boots that seem that the arctic would be more suitable and then there are some splendid looking dress boots out there too. Alongside out popular Westlake Button Boot, this year we have launched out version of the historic Jodphur Boot. There are many theories behind how and when this style of boot came about but instead of delving […]

July 12, 2016

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Monkstraps- Single or Double?

So here at J.FitzPatrick we like to get feedback from you and recently a topic of conversation has been about Monkstraps. Now, personally I am a big fan of Double Monks as I have the Montlake in both Cedar Calf and the Snuff Suede model along with some others from different brands but since joining the J.FitzPatrick team I have seen more customers buying the Single Monk Fauntleroy (above) than the Montlake (below).   Why is that, that’s the question? I do understand and agree that if we were to make a black single and double monk the single would aesthetically appeal […]

April 12, 2016

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The Saddle Brogue Returns!

The Phinney model was one of my first designs, blending the idea of a full brogue and a saddle shoe to create what I like to call ‘The Saddle Brogue.’ When I first launched them during my first ever collection there seemed to be a love/hate thing with them. Whoever bought them absolutely loved them and always asked me to bring them back but I think that many people weren’t quite ready for that design at the time as they looked like a common brogue but weren’t and being in a city where people often shy away from being different […]

March 15, 2016

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Restock on Select Models

It’s that time that our restocks are trickling in. We receive everything in several shipments (as +400 pairs are too much to receive at once), and we just took in our first round of restock consisting of the models shown below. Naturally there will be some things that are already missing as we ordered them 4 months ago and since then we have since sold stuff too. So, if you have been waiting for something get it while you can as things do go quick and once they do, they won’t be back until A/W. On another note, we have […]

January 26, 2016

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The Sebastien MTO

I know that I have already shown this model before (and not too long ago) but I am growing more and more excited about its impending release into my RTW Collection as I find that is a refreshing difference to what else is offered in the market. I am pretty sure that I kept it quiet before, but I am now releasing my intentions on colorways that the shoes will be coming in. That being, one is very similar to what is shown here, only instead of black calf, it will be Navy Museum calf by Ilcea. The other colorway […]

December 11, 2015

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New Sebastien Model

I have had this model in the archives for a long time now and have brought it to a lot of trunk shows and recently it has been getting a lot more attention with respects to previous years. Funny that to as it shows how people’s ideas are changing and the idea of something a bit more bold and with the ability to easily go two-toned is becoming more sought after. And thus two people ordered it in recent trunk shows, and I though ‘what the heck, release it already to the public!’ So I am for this coming SS2016. […]