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February 29, 2016

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Blue Boots – Set to Stun!

More and more bright colors are being used in footwear today and even industries that were notorious for only making shoes in 3 shades (black, brown, burgundy/oxblood) are now implementing patina programs into their ranges. It is great to see as before the idea of patina came around it was rare that you saw this. Getting leathers in these types of colors from the tannery –as a drum dyed leather– is not easy and is mainly done for women’s shoes. But now it is color galore in the industry and it is thanks to the Italian and French shoemakers who […]

October 26, 2015

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Two Tones: The Next Generation

I remember watching futuristic films showing what the world would be like in 2015. It had flying cars and all of the futuristic works. But what do we really have? For me it still feels like the late 90’s but with better clothing and bigger phones. So I like to think, “hey, at least people are wearing two toned shoes and things of color” where as before it was a sea of black and brown. And to me that is the future: Two toned shoes!!! And it’s happening. It’s not a theory. I see it all of the time now, […]

October 13, 2015

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The Art of Patina

  Kevin Seah just recently celebrated his 6th Anniversary for his company being in business and for that he held a party and had some special pieces made to celebrate the occasion. Among those pieces were two pairs of my shoes (Fremont II model), one patina’d by Alexander of Dandy Shoe Care (above) and the other by John of Mason & Smith (below with bunnies on them). It is always nice to see what people can come up with and both of them did a brilliant job. Alexander’s was a patina like none other that I have ever seen, actually […]

August 11, 2015

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J.FitzPatrick Summer Shoe Sale — Final Markdown

  It is officially the second half of our Summer Sale and with that we decided to make a few adjustments, not only to the prices but with the addition of one product in particular: The Dandy Shoe Care x J.FitzPatrick Collaboration. That being, all sales shoes that were previously £175 are now down to £150 (ex VAT £125) and shoes that were previously £225 are now down to £175 (ex VAT £14.83). This a great time to acquire a J.FitzPatrick pair of shoes at an unbeatable price and thus great value for money. There are still a lot of […]

July 10, 2015

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2nd Round of Dandy Shoe Care Patina x J.FitzPatrick

I thought that you all might enjoy seeing the next round of patinas that came in from our collaboration with Dandy Shoe Care. I always enjoy seeing what people ask for and how it comes out. Some cool stuff definitely going on here. I particularly like the one featured at the top and directly below. There are still some sizes left so don’t miss on this if you are at all interested: http://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/products/j-fitzpatrick-x-dandy-shoe-care-blog-exclusive#.VZ_EYvlVhBe Have a great weekend! Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

June 4, 2015

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First Round of Patinas Done by J.FitzPatrick x Dandy Shoe Care

  The first 5 of the patina orders have been completed and I thought that I would show those of you that might not have been able to picture the possibilities of the patinas achievable on the Greenwood model. There are some very beautiful ones here and expect to see more pictures of them soon. This is the first round of them and the angles that I have been provided by Alexander. As always he has done an amazing job and I am excited for all of you that have ordered to get your shoes. They are currently en route […]

May 8, 2015

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J.FitzPatrick X Dandy Shoe Care Exclusive Round 2 – Greenwood

We are back at it again with our collaboration between Dandy Shoe Care and J.FitzPatrick. After having a successful first go at it on our Tony II model (last year) and seeing lots of interesting patina’s getting created (see below), we thought we would give it another go only this time on a different model. The idea of going with the Tony II the first time around was being able to use a blank canvas (a wholecut, i.e. no seams) to see what could be achieved. Now, I was thinking the opposite. Let’s see how the lines and brogueing can […]

September 15, 2014

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Latest Dandy Shoe Care Patina’s for J.FitzPatrick

Dear Readers, It’s probably been the busiest 6 weeks of my life and I am quite glad to say that it is now all over and I can finally have a bit of peace and quite before the holiday season. I just came back from Milan yesterday after attending the Lineapelle fair and am proud to say that it was a great trip full of productivity and new personal relationships developed. I have found some exciting materials to work with for future shoe models and am working on developing a relationship with Italy’s most famous tannery, Ilcea. I am quite […]