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February 13, 2018

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Final Week for Pre-Orders upto 25% Off

Dear All,

We are approaching the final few days of our Pre – Order offer.

We will be placing a big order on Feb 19th and can add any discontinued models from this Winter Sale to that order and offer a 25% off discount. This would usually be full price + an MTO fee also!

For all pre-order purchases, i.e. purchasing shoes not in stock at the sale price, core products remain at a 10% discount and for those of you that wish to get a pair of the models that we are getting rid of (i.e. non-core product) we will be offering a 25% pre-order discount on those.

Shoes will take up to 4 months from Feb 15th.

Please email: sjones@jfitzpatrickfootwear.com to enquire about Core Models at 10% off or click on the Pre-Order 25% off page for the rest of the products.

Have a great week.