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January 10, 2018

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The Windermere Half Brogue- 25% Off

Dear Readers,

With our Winter Sale in full swing I thought I’d remind you about a classic model which is at 25% off. The Windermere Half Brogue has long been a pivotal part of our Core collection but we thought this year it was time to change things up. We are discontinuing this model to make way for something new in the SS18 collection so now is the time to snap up a timeless shoe at a greater discount than normal.

The classic black brogue is the business man’s must-have shoe. A bit more edgy than your classic cap toe but not quite into the territory of adventurous, the Windermere in black caters for all formal requirements. Having a well-defined chisel toe (MGF Last) with a slight elongation will ensure a sleek look underneath any pair of trousers.

Have a great week


Windermere – Black Calf