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January 29, 2018

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The Wallingford II Semi Brogue – A staple for the collection

Dear All,

There are a lot of shoes out there at the moment in our industry which are turning heads for their unique design whether it be aesthetics, shape, colour combinations and so on but there isn’t (IMHO) enough mentioned about the classics that should form part of your shoe collection. I am quite a traditionalist and like to have all the ‘bases’ covered and one of those is a smart yet versatile Semi-Brogue like our Wallingford II model.

This model has been a staple and reliable model in our collection and long may that continue. I think this shape (our sharp chisel last) compliments this shoe very well. The absence of a toe-cap lends itself to being nicely elongated in shape which means our larger ‘heart’ medallion can take pride at the front of the shoe. I am a firm believer that Burgundy is one of, if not the most versatile colour to own in footwear and this model is a great example of just that. Whether paired alongside a smart Navy/Grey suit with razor sharp trouser creases, formal trousers or even denim, the Wallingford II model will be a regular ‘go-to’ shoe that will work with more than one attire.

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Have a great week