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December 8, 2017

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The Genesee Boot – A Jodhpur with style.

Dear All,

Happy Friday.

Recently we launched our new colours in the Genesee Jodhpur Boot and have had a great reaction.

Our Jodhpur Boot is unlike most others; Designing the straps to be slightly different than your typical jodhpur boot, we felt that having them only tie around the back of your leg, as opposed to wrapping completely around, not only made for a more elegant look but also for a more comfortable feel

We have had our jodhpur boot in the repertoire ever since the very beginning of the company’s existence but held off on it for a special release until we the brand had gained enough headway in the industry.

I personally have 2 colourways in this boot and really find them being more versatile than first imagined. The Burgundy goes so well with Jeans (pic below) and even a dark smart trouser.

Have a think and I’m sure you can envisage a Jodhpur Boot adding to the shoe collection soon!

Enjoy your weekend