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October 30, 2017

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Burgundy – The Versatile Colour

Dear All,

There are many people which come into our showroom or check via email about the versatility of wearing Burgundy/Oxblood/ Plum coloured shoes. For me, this colour palette really does compliment and blend well with most shades of Blue and Grey (apart from very light grey and blue IMO).

People often get stuck in wearing different shades of brown, which is not bad thing, but for those that have exhausted all the shades of Brown and shied away from Burgundy, now is the time to add this colour to the collection. Wearing a really rich colour like Burgundy, or my favourite which is Plum Museum it can add a great amount of depth to your outfit. Burgundy is a colour that will work all year round too and not just with suits or smart trousers. I often wear my Plum Museum loafers with Chinos and Jeans and my Burgundy Two Tones with Jeans too.

So don’t be afraid of this colour as it will really add another dimension to your shoe collection.

Have a great week,