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July 30, 2017

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Our Summer Sale – 2nd Mark Down at 35% Off Now Live!

Today marks the start of our 2nd markdown for the J.FitzPatrick 2017 Summer Sale, of which I am sure many of you were waiting for.

Unlike most years where we go down 30% off, this year we have decided to take it down to 35% off in the hopes to give you that little bit extra with the 5%. And this little bit extra has pushed many models below the £200 mark for those of you who do not pay VAT, giving you an unbeatable value for money with the quality of our shoes versus the price that you are buying them at.

See here what we have at the 35% off, and what price they are now at.

  1. Aurora Button Shoe – Black calf/Suede & Gold Museum Calf/Cinnamon Suede, now at £227.50 (ex VAT £189.58 and that is with a button hook included!)
  2. Ballard Chukka Boot – Both Moss & Snuff Suede, now at £234 (ex VAT £195)
  3. Genesse Jodhpur Boot – Rugged Brown leather, now at £266.50 (ex VAT £222.08)
  4. Hawthorne Butterfly loafer – Both Dark Blue & Olive Suede, now at £211.25 (ex VAT £176.04)
  5. Laurelhurst Wholecut Loafer – Black Calf, now at £208 (ex VAT £173.33)
  6. Lynwood Hand-Stitched Apron Derby – Both Dark Brown & Gold Museum Calf and Taupe Suede, now at £221 (ex VAT £184.17)
  7. Montlake Hand-Stitched Apron Double Monkstrap – Dark Brown Suede, now at £221 (ex VAT £184.17)
  8. Roosevelt Balmoral Oxford – Caramel Calf/Snuff Suede & All Snuff Suede, now at £214.50 (ex VAT £178.75)
  9. Wallingford Quarter Brogue Oxford – Dark Brown Museum Calf, now at £214.50 (ex VAT £178.75)
  10. Windermere Semi Brogue Oxford – Mocha Calf, now at £214.50 (ex VAT £178.75)

Remember than when double discount a product that means that it is not coming back so now is your chance to get it at this unbeatable price.

For those that miss a chance to purchase your size, we are taking presale orders but only at the first markdown of 20% for Seasonal Stock and 10% off the Core Product. However, please note that should you wish to pre-order, we take full payment upfront and quote that products will take 3-4 months from Sept. 1st to arrive. For core, we will quote the same however, there is a restock coming in September but we cannot guarantee that you will get those pairs as it will be strictly on a first come first serve. Therefore those who presale first have first stabs at incoming restock on core models.

Take note that after the sale, ALL core products will go back up to full retail price, so now is your chance to save between £30-£40 on them. As well, all of our Shoe Snob accessories are still discounted at 20% off and you can find all of those at www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com under the accessories section of the boutique.

Should you wish to preorder please email my colleague Simon at sjones@jfitzpatrickfootwear.com . One can also always email me at justin@jfitzpatrickfootwear.com but as of tomorrow I am off on some much needed holiday time for the next 10 days and will have limited access to email.

Happy Shopping to all and as always, I truly and sincerely thank you for all of your support in my brand and products.


Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’