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June 22, 2017

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The NGT Last

Dear All,

We have 7 last shapes at J.F Footwear and wanted to start doing some blog posts about each of them. (LPB, TMG, MGF, SEA, NGT, NJF & JKF)

Today we look at the NGT last.

Our NGT last was designed to be the midway point between our TMG and JKF lasts ( to come in next posts). It’s intention was to serve as a last that was neither too round nor too pointy.

We felt that this creation posed as the ideal ‘modern round’ last. The toe shape is not the only detail that separates our NGT last however. We also made it more shaped throughout. The toe box is shallower and narrower, the arch more hugging and the heel more gripping. With these combined you get a more ‘fitted’ shoe.

The NGT last will fit noticeably more snug than our LPB and MGF chisel lasts mentioned in previous posts.

If you like a classic round last but not one that is overly round, the NGT will serve as the best choice for you.

We have the following options on the NGT last:

  • Genesee Jodhpur Boots
  • Alki Chelsea Boots
  • Ballard Chukka Boots
  • Westlake Button Boots
  • Roosevelt Oxfords ( Two tones, not snuff Suede)
  • Corliss Double Monk
  • Madrona Single Monk
  • McClure Full Brogue

The NGT last is fast becoming our most used last which is due to customer and in house feedback.

To see the collection click on NGT LAST

We hope you agree that it suits all things from Boots to Monkstraps.

Have a good rest of the week!