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May 31, 2017

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Summer Suede’s- From Loafers to Chukkas

Dear All,

We are now well into Spring Summer here in London and I’ve certainly been favouring my various Suede shoes and love the versatility and different styles you can create. Suede is synonymous for wearing on the dry, bright sunny days and can really add another dimension to ones outfit with the choice of colours available.

This season we have bought quite heavily into Suede and turns out it was a good idea.

Suede Loafers- great for wearing with Jeans, Chinos and sometimes even Shorts. They really do have a more relaxed look to them which also presents an opportunity to show off the vibrant coloured socks you may have in the closet. We have the Issaquah String Loafer in the popular Snuff Suede and our iconic Hawthorne Butterfly Loafer in the classic Dark Brown Suede, a rich Dark Blue Suede and a lovely Olive Green Suede.

Suede Oxfords- the most common style of Suede shoe that brings a wealth of different styling and aesthetic opportunities. Our most Classic Magnolia model in Dark Brown Suede we felt worked great with the City Rubber Sole for those that would wear this shoe all year round. The Montlake Double Monk also in Dark Brown Suede is a great option to be worn both formally with a suit but also with more casual trousers. We have just launched our new Roosevelt model in Snuff Suede which really has everything you need in a classic Suede shoe. We also introduced our new Lynwood Derby into the collection in both Dark Brown Suede and the excellent Taupe Suede. This shoe comes on a durable and comfortable Double Leather Sole.

Suede Chukkas- the most comfortable boot in my collection! The Ballard III in Snuff Suede is a shoe that is my ‘go-to’ on so many occasions. A well made Chukka Boot really does work well with pretty much all trousers and the pairing of Suede on the City Rubber sole mean I could walk all day in these shoes in the utmost comfort. For those that already have enough brown our Moss Suede option is a great alternative and surprisingly pairs well with most colour trousers too.

No matter what the occasion this Summer, we have a Suede option to suit all of your needs.

We hope you are enjoying the Suede season and have a great rest of the week