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April 19, 2017

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The Lynwood- Our New Hand-Sewn Derby

Dear All,

We have long been thinking about hopping on board with a Ready to Wear Derby and the time has now come.

We have introduced the Lynwood into this Spring/Summer collection in 6 colours to ensure there is a model for all occasions and outfits. Whilst we know the most famous model is a split-toe Derby, we wanted to keep the front clean and thus not have this feature. The new model also comes on our new last, the SEA last.

Features of this last are that it has a more Symmetrical shape from the forefoot to the toe and a narrow fitting, ensuring a more hugging feel on the arch.

Aside from this this the apron is completely sewn by hand. We have stuck to leathers that are very commercial and work well including 3 Museum Calf (Dark Brown, Copper and Gold) and our Black Weinheimer Leather. One of the more quirky options is the Taupe Suede model, almost mushroom in colour and slightly sandy, this colour is an ideal shoe to wear with chinos and denim for a more casual look.

On a personal note I have the Copper Museum model and find it goes with pretty much everything, it’s such a versatile shoe.

We hope you enjoy the new models and add this Derby to your shoe collection.

Have a great week