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February 3, 2017

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Group MTO- Coming Soon

Dear All,

It’s been a very busy start to 2017 and we can only see it getting busier!

One thing which we are very excited about is the upcoming launch of our new Group MTO Programme (launching Mid-Feb)

This has been done by many brands to great effect and we can see why. In short you get the chance to purchase a shoe not available in the ready-to-wear collection but without an MTO upcharge Fee. We are always making samples of shoes which we like and also MTO samples to showcase what can be done in this service.

Below is a easy to follow guide to how our Group MTO will work;

a. A selection of shoes will be put on our Group MTO section on the website

b. There is a 2 week timeline in order for us to reach 6 pairs purchased in order for us to commence production

c. You select the shoe size and purchase like a normal order

d. After 2 weeks, if our target of 6 pairs of above has been met we will send the order to commence production

e. After 2 weeks, if the 6 pair target has not been achieved, you will receive a full refund

e. Lead time is upto 4 months from order date

f. No refunds/exchanges on Group MTO shoe purchased

This is a great opportunity to get a JFitzPatrick shoe different to the ready-to-wear collection without paying the MTO Fee.

Here is a picture of one of our models which will be included. It’s a take on the Westlake button boot but on a different last, added toe cap, city rubber sole and brogueing details.

We hope you are as excited as we are and if you have any questions please email: mto@jfitzpatrickfootwear.com