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December 12, 2016

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The Genesee- A Jodphur Boot with a twist



Dear All,

Hope everyone is enjoying the festive period and more importantly enjoying Boot season. The change of seeing more and more boots around town is always interesting at this time of year. There are plenty of the usual chunky, misshaped boots that seem that the arctic would be more suitable and then there are some splendid looking dress boots out there too. Alongside out popular Westlake Button Boot, this year we have launched out version of the historic Jodphur Boot. There are many theories behind how and when this style of boot came about but instead of delving into my own opinion, I’d rater explain about our new style- The Genesee.

For AW16 we designed this model to keep some of the historic qualities of such a boot however put our JF twist on it. The reason being is that Justin never liked the idea of the straps coming across the top of the ankle as it felt that whenever you bent your ankle, they would be there constricting your movement (or at least annoying it). Therefore, he thought to just have the straps in the back to keep the idea there but to have them less restrictive for movement/feeling and we are pretty happy with the final result.

We launched the Genesee in 2 styles for AW:

  1. The Mulberry Calf- This unique, rich colour really does stand out from the rest. With hints of purple/aubergine this colour does really work with most shades of blue trousers/denim or look incredibly smart when worn with black too! This model we made with the super comfy double leather sole to enhance the comfort and durability, it is still a boot after all.
  2. The Rugged Brown Calf– A more classical looking shoe in terms of colour however still with it’s own qualities. The leather is Oil Tanned and whilst yes, it scratches/scuffs easier than some calf skins, it’s a very supple and hard-wearing leather which ages beautifully. Scuffs are easily rectified by rubbing with your finger as the natural oils of the skin can remove these. This model we paired with the sleek and fit for purpose City Rubber Sole.

We have already had some people asking for a Black model which I think could look very smart so maybe watch this space for next year!

Hope you enjoy the pictures below and have a great week!



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