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October 20, 2016

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Re-Stock of some CORE Models


Dear All,

After the successful Summer Sale we have been quite low on a majority of our CORE products but fear not!

Along with all of our exciting new additions to the Autumn/Winter collection we have now received a Re-stock in some of our most popular CORE products.

My Favourite model – the Montlake (pictured above) is back in action in all its glory! We also have the Magnolia in Dark Brown Museum Calf back in stock after a fantastic reaction to this new leather. The Wallingford in D.Brown Museum and Snuff suede has been a steady seller for us and we can see why as this two-tone shoe is a great for in between formal and smart casual. Finally the Rainier we have kept in the Burgundy and Navy Suede and it’s back and ready to rock.

We are still awaiting some of the other core products but for the time being we hope you can find the shoe or shoes you’ve been waiting for!


Have a great day!