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July 19, 2016

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MTO- The best of both worlds



Recently we have been getting more and more requests about our MTO service so I wanted to give you all a bit more info on this service as it’s the perfect way to have the best of our signature J.FitzPatrick footwear styles but your own individual style.

Firstly, MTO means Made To Order, this is not Bespoke. From working in the suiting industry people often got confused between the two and our MTO service is based on our existing patterns/lasts but then you get to have some fun with the design, the lasts, soles and so on (see below).

How it works:

  1. Any model that we have created over the course of our company’s history is able to be created for MTO. You may have noticed we have been posting more on out social media channels about people MTO choices as this is the best way to get your own inspiration to create your very own MTO shoe.
  2. The different last-widths that we have available for MTO are a UK ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F.’ This would correspond to narrow, medium and wide fittings. The US equivalent would be US ‘B’, ‘D’ and ‘EE’. Our ready to wear shoes are all UK’E’. Personal last customisation is not possible in MTO as this would be more of a bespoke service, e.g narrowing the heel.
  3. We have swatches of many leathers/fabrics that can be chosen for MTO and you can see more options on the J.FitzPatrick website. We can also use a leather/fabric supplied by the customer but the liability of the making of the shoe using the leather/cloth provided will be that of the customer (i.e. in case of ripping during production).
  4. We have one leather sole available (single or double), we do offer a few rubber options within our collection (see picture below). Just like our RTW model we can also add Toe-taps (Lulus) for an additional £20.
  5. The details are what can make a MTO really special for those that like to create something a bit more unique. For instance the colour n the lining, coloured piping etc will really set you apart from the rest and without breaking the bank for a bespoke shoe. We welcome challenges and if you have a specific idea in mind do let us know and we can see what is possible.

Last Shape – We have 5 lasts: JFK, TMG, NGT, LPB, MGF
Sole Choice – single/double/rubber/storm welt etc
Sole Colour on Leather Sole – side of sole/heel – black, dark brown, natural
Leather Type – calf/suede/grain/fabric (cloth)/white crust for patina
Piping / Lining Colour (piping for certain models only) – Lining subject to colours available
Small Details – i.e. addition/removal of medallions, gimping, brogueing, cap on toe etc.
Stitching Colour – Subject to colours available
Eyelets/Speed-hooks – Addition/Removal




Price: £90.00 (ex VAT £75) surcharge to the models’ retail price (per pair). A 50% deposit must be made in order to commence production and the balance taken upon the shoe’s completion.

Lead Time: 3-4 months (We strive to be quicker but we would rather under-promise and over-deliver, than the contrary)

Below are some of the many examples of what MTO can get you- just think how proud you would be in co-designing our very own J.FitzPatrick Shoe.

Have a great rest of your week all



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