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July 12, 2016

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Monkstraps- Single or Double?

So here at J.FitzPatrick we like to get feedback from you and recently a topic of conversation has been about Monkstraps. Now, personally I am a big fan of Double Monks as I have the Montlake in both Cedar Calf and the Snuff Suede model along with some others from different brands but since joining the J.FitzPatrick team I have seen more customers buying the Single Monk Fauntleroy (above) than the Montlake (below).


Why is that, that’s the question?

I do understand and agree that if we were to make a black single and double monk the single would aesthetically appeal more formal and thus more business but in terms of browns and suede options I am un-convinced either way. In the office we are split 50/50 between the four of us but we are all in agreement that on our Corliss Model you get the best of both worlds. Although its a Double Monk, with the straps on each side of the ankle, you still get the clean lines of a single.

So please do leave your comments and feedback as we are always looking to please you but also to see what the consensus is on the battle of the Monkstraps.

Don’t forget you can have some fun with colours by using our MTO service, take a look at some of the options we’ve already made for customers.

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J.FitzPatrick Corliss

Above and Below: Corliss in MTO for clients.