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July 6, 2016

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Copper Museum – The Sebastien


Forget 50 shades of grey, there are more shades of brown than one can imagine, particularly in leather. Come to think about it, we already use about 6 shades of brown and that does not include tan shades. Imagine that!

The new Museum Calf we are using is so unique in colour that it does really look like a patina shoe. There are so many different browns out there on the market it’s mind boggling, however we feel that we have hit the nail on the head with this new style. Not only does the brown have very rich and earthy tones, it has this unique yellowish undertone to it which makes it also a great summer shoe. When we took the delivery on the Sebastien, it was amazing to see that each shoe has very subtle differences to it which coincides with the dying process of the leather and thus gives each shoe a distinct individuality. As you can see from the images below, this shoe works so well when paired with denim for that smart/casual look we are all trying to master.  I have just purchased a new POW check blazer in tones of beige, brown with a blue over-check and this shoe is perfect to compliment all of those colours.

I can admit that I have far too many brown shoes but I couldn’t resist getting the Sebastien as not only does the U-cap style offer something new to my wardrobe, its the beauty of this leather that really does look amazing and makes a for such an elegant shoe.

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