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June 3, 2016

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The Tony II- A twist on a classic



A wholecut oxford is sometimes just too classic and predictable but not this one! The Tony II in Antique Brown and Black presents a nice and sleek alternative to the classic wholecut that, will leave many admiring your feet. The Tony II comes on the LPB last and I feel it gives a lovely silhouette to this model. The fun is in in the brogue design which is not something seen in all the classic shoe brands. Whilst this ins’t going tobreak records for innovation, the slight twist on the classic certainly gives the shoe a ‘J Fitzpatrick look’. As a business shoe the black is a must have but in the brown– not only will this work with a majority of your suits but also with mid-dark denim. The Tony II is the whole cut oxford that provides the best of both worlds.


Tony IIBlack