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June 29, 2016

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The Madison Loafer- for all occasions.


Hi All,

Now I know that Summer is a bit hit and miss at the moment over in England but that doesn’t mean to not start wearing your loafers. The penny loafer is such an iconic shoe that I really feel needs to be worn by more of us, whether it be for work or for casual attire.

This season we did 6 colour options in our Madison loafers, 3 Calfskin, 3 Suede. The suede options have been well received which is amazing because the rich tones of green, burgundy and navy really do compliment a spring/summers day outfit. One of the colours that I feel has been overlooked somewhat is the Plum or Oxblood. This is not a big, bold statement colour however its a very subtle undertones due to the nature of the museum calf used which can work so well with numerous outfits. Picture yourself at work with these shoes on; navy suit, white shirt and a burgundy knitted tie but then in the evening you have dinner plans and will be wearing denim jeans and a blazer, this colour option goes perfectly with both of these outfits without shouting ‘look at me’ but more of a whisper of ‘I’m subtle, sexy and I know it’. All the options are great and will work in the correct environment but if you haven’t already got a plum/ox blood loafer- I suggest you take a look at the Madison collection and especially the Plum.

Have a great rest of the week all.