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June 6, 2016

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Royal Ascot – Black Shoes 10% OFF!


Hi All!

With just a week to go until the great race meet at Royal Ascot, have you got your outfit sorted yet? No, didn’t think so. Well fear not.

There are many traditions in England that over the years have been relaxed in terms of formality but personally I am glad that Royal Ascot sticks to its heritage and custom with a dress code un-changed for many years now. It’s a few days of elegance, drama,  copious amounts of champagne and fun. The various enclosures all tend to have different dress codes for suiting, whether it be morning-wear and rules on when you can and cannot take off your top hat to other enclosures where a lounge suit is appropriate.



One thing that sticks out is that black shoes are a necessity in the Royal enclosure and ‘advised’ in other enclosures. A black shoe doesn’t mean dull, lifeless or boring; its an opportunity to show a bit of taste and variance within the design, shape and style without having to worry about being ‘too bold’. I wouldn’t advise wearing black loafers with morning-wear however a wholecut, monkstrap or classic oxford will be just the ticket. I would love to see one day a Horse lining up at Ascot with the name the ‘Shoe Snob’ as it has a subtle arrogance and swagger to it a appropriate for such an event however that’s an idea for the the future!



Now as we come closer to the beginning of this great week it’s time you checked your wardrobe and shoe collection to ensure all attire is dry-cleaned, pressed polished and ready. For those of you whom are looking a bit disgruntled after the realisation of only having that one black shoe that all your business colleagues see you in day in day out, we have an exclusive offer for you to add to the collection to top off the perfect outfit for Royal Ascot.



Visit us online at www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com and recieve 10% off the following Black Shoes with the relevant codes below:

Fauntleroy code: ASCOT1
Magnolia code: ASCOT2
Tony II code: ASCOT3
Wallingford II code: ASCOT4
Windermere code: ASCOT5
Codes Valid until June 13th 2016

Happy Shopping and any top tips for the races do let me know!




                                                                              TONY II



                                                                           WALLINGFORD II