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June 16, 2016

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Black Loafers- Not Just For Formal

Laurelhurst Black


Coming into summer we will see plenty of loafers of all different shapes, colours and fabrics. I am an avid loafer wearer when it comes to summer attire and do believe that paired with complimenting socks they can really make an outfit come together. One thing that many of us are still under the illusion of is that black loafers are just for formal occasions, well, this is just a myth and a trend that has to be broken. Now that we are in 2016 its not required to a wear suit, shirt and tie everyday for work, instead many companies encourage the attire of ‘smart casual’ consisting of a blazer, shirt and darker trousers in either chino or denim form. Why people are afraid to pair this with black loafers I just don’t know! Yes I agree that with a beige/stone coloured trouser it doesn’t look amazing but on darker colours such as navy, dark green even burgundy a black loafer gives that smart yet casual element to ones outfit. Next time you are having ‘dress down Friday’ or going out for dinner, try wearing your black loafers with your more casual attire and it will really look the business!

Our Laurelhurst model is the perfect choice for such occasions- trust me!

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