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May 4, 2016

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Our New Button Shoe: Aurora – Coming Soon!


It was inevitable that after the success of our button boot model, the Westlake, that a shoe version had to follow. The only thing is that I wanted to somehow make it different that what else was on offer as the button boot was not really that different from the rest in terms of the pattern. But I did not know what to do until one of my employees (the only one that is!) actually gave me brilliant idea to make it a saddle button shoe. And for me that was killing two birds in one stone as I love a saddle shoe but never change our Stefano model in terms of color as it is somewhat of a homage to Stefano Bemer. So now, now only do I get to have fun with a button shoe, but also playing around with the colors on the saddle. But for the first one, I am going classic.

And stayed tuned because come Friday I will be holding a presale on these bad boys!