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April 26, 2016

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The Shoreline – Something Different, Something Canvas


It was a stretch for me to release this model as I will admit that it is not your daily use type of shoe. It has its special place in one’s wardrobe. Therefore the guy that is buying it is most likely one that already has nearly all of his other bases covered or is just a massive fan of blue canvas. The reason that made me launch it (after having it in my sample collection for nearly 2 years now) was the fact that I put the green suede/black calf strap sample of it on the social media and it received a huge amount of praise. So I thought, ‘alright, let me set my fears aside and just go for it!’ Now of course, this won’t be a model that is going to fly off of the shelf by any means, but for those that appreciate something different, this is precisely the type of shoe that while being versatile for your Summer attire won’t be something that you see anyone else wearing. For some this matters, for others not so much.

But if you appreciate comfort and versatility, the Shoreline in canvas will certainly give you those.


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