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April 12, 2016

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The Saddle Brogue Returns!


The Phinney model was one of my first designs, blending the idea of a full brogue and a saddle shoe to create what I like to call ‘The Saddle Brogue.’ When I first launched them during my first ever collection there seemed to be a love/hate thing with them. Whoever bought them absolutely loved them and always asked me to bring them back but I think that many people weren’t quite ready for that design at the time as they looked like a common brogue but weren’t and being in a city where people often shy away from being different (those who dress smart, not the young generation who are doing everything they can to be different!). So I took a step back from them and vowed to one day re-release them but in a two tone version. So boom, I put two of my favorite colors together to create this quite bold and fun spectator. Let me know your thoughts on them please!

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