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April 21, 2016

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The Laurelhurst

Jfitzpatrick laurelhurst

Loafer season is so close I can taste it and I know that as I have subconsciously found myself wearing loafers a lot more these days, even though it is still chilly when the sun is not shining bright. It’s quite weird as I have always loved the A/W season and looked forward to it as I am quite a boot guy and love to layer my clothing (although I hate the freezing cold!). But never have I looked so forward to the Spring/Summer season. And while the Winter was not that cold here in London this past season, it did feel never-ending for some reason, quite possibly with the wind and endless crappy rain. But hey, that’s England for you. But the Sun has come out and I am starting to gravitate towards my loafers. I have already worn both the Laurelhurst in black and burgundy and now I am wishing that I had acquired the Navy Museum one too. But oh well, I can’t have every shoe in my collection. Maybe next year! 🙂

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