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March 4, 2016

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The Clean Wholecut

J.FitzPatrick wholecut
I always knew that I needed a wholecut in my collections of shoes. It is a standard model and stupid not to really have one. But as the defiant person that I am, I purposefully made a way to have my wholecut be different and thus made the Tony model with it’s bouncy-ball wing cap brogueing. However, some people just don’t fancy that and have since requested making just a plain, normal and clean wholecut. And voila this is what you get. Of course. I still like a very plain wholecut only that my defiance came in trying to separate myself from C&J, Carmina and every other brand out that, that has exactly what you see above. But hey, some people want that and that’s no problem. And if you are one of those people, well fret not as we make that for you in our MTO program.