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February 9, 2016

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Variations of the Wedgwood


Originally when designing my balmoral boot, the Wedgwood, I wanted something without a cap on it. But as I knew that not everyone would share my same interest, I made some other models that shared the same pattern and details as the Wedgwood but with extra detailing added to create new models. That being, the first stage was to turn the stitching on the shaft to become another piece. Then I added a cap. That one was called the Meadowbrook and you can see that above. But then I though, what about all of those people that like a brogued cap? I should please them too. So then I added that and on the heel counter, but to be slightly different, I refrained from adding brogueing on the balmoral/quarter line. And that created the Jimmy boot. So as you can see, from the Wedgwood came two new models only by adding very small details.

Both models are available under our MTO program.