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February 3, 2016

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Reintroduction of the Corliss Model

J.FitzPatrick Corliss
I introduced the Corliss model as one of my original models back when JF first launched. It was my attempt at breaking the mold on what was perceived as a double monk and doing it completely different. I always loved the model itself but was having issues with the buckles and the little piece of leather that held them. Some of them would snap off at the easiest pull and I could not have that as it was costing me lots of money to repair them. So I basically recalled the model and tried to change the buckle on future models in the hopes that it would help. But it did not, not so much at least.

So I have spent the last few years not only trying to find the perfect buckle (for my standard and liking) but also a way to ensure that these snaps don’t happen anymore, which I basically had to use elastic to hold the piece of leather just as most other makers do. I wanted to not have to do that as I wanted to keep it fully leather but from a practical standpoint it just makes sense to use the elastic. So, now that I have finally sorted out that issue, I am relaunching the Corliss model in all it’s glory for S/S2016. While I am showing it in these colorways (which is a sample of mine) you will actually find it coming in burgundy calf with burgundy grain on the strap. Let’s see how you all perceive it!

J.FitzPatrick Corliss J.FitzPatrick Corliss J.FitzPatrick Corliss