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February 29, 2016

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Blue Boots – Set to Stun!

More and more bright colors are being used in footwear today and even industries that were notorious for only making shoes in 3 shades (black, brown, burgundy/oxblood) are now implementing patina programs into their ranges. It is great to see as before the idea of patina came around it was rare that you saw this. Getting leathers in these types of colors from the tannery –as a drum dyed leather– is not easy and is mainly done for women’s shoes. But now it is color galore in the industry and it is thanks to the Italian and French shoemakers who paved the way for the more conservative by introducing the idea of hand-coloring ones shoes to something outside of the norm. And now look, we all do it!! So enjoy a bit of bright blue leather boots.

For more information on the model shown (or to purchase), please SEE HERE. Boots patina’d by Dandy Shoe Care

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