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October 13, 2015

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The Art of Patina



Kevin Seah just recently celebrated his 6th Anniversary for his company being in business and for that he held a party and had some special pieces made to celebrate the occasion. Among those pieces were two pairs of my shoes (Fremont II model), one patina’d by Alexander of Dandy Shoe Care (above) and the other by John of Mason & Smith (below with bunnies on them). It is always nice to see what people can come up with and both of them did a brilliant job. Alexander’s was a patina like none other that I have ever seen, actually creating a pattern to the shoe that looked like windowpane tweed. Simply amazing. John’s was more subtle in patina coloring but did an amazing job creating the figure of a bunny (Kevin’s logo symbol), which is not easy feat. A job well done to the both of them!! I love it!

IMG-20151012-WA0003 IMG-20151012-WA0001