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October 12, 2015

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Don’t be Afraid of Contrast!


What I love about burgundy as a shoe for footwear is that amazing contrast that it provides for nearly every color of trouser. And is the right kind of contrast, not that overbearing one that makes your eyes cringe from the terror of something so astronomically unsubtle. Burgundy, even being a bright one, seems to really pair well with most colors and even when creating a strong contrast still looks good. This of course all in my humble opinion. And what I love is that most people seem to be thinking the same as I see more and more burgundy shoes being made and sold. Ten to twenty years ago “oxblood” (what I think of a dark burgundy, like our Merlot color) was all the rage that was for the man that ventured outside of black or brown. Now it is and should be burgundy. So if you have yet to hop on the train, now is the time!!

IMG_20150412_131043 IMG_20150512_083459